2 houses each with 3, ensuite bedrooms that sleep 8 people.

Kasa (Turtle in Swahili) Beach House  - Green Turtles lay their nests on the sandy beach. Nesting season is February - July so guests in the house during this time will be put on the "Turtle Watch Register" and guests will be called day or night if there is a Turtle sighting or a nest hatching.

Kasa House Beach  is situated in a one acre garden with lovely green rolling lawns and shrubs that make up the garden. The property has a fabulous swimming pool which has a shallow 'baby' pool at one end. One can enjoy great views of the ocean from the pool.

Both Houses have their own sitting rooms and kitchens so the interconnecting door can either be closed or left open depending on the mood. There is also a flat-screen television in each house which is connected to DSTV. Both houses have an alarm system that may be activated if needed.